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January 2014
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New jobs, new format and hot guests including Jeff Marcoux CMO Lead @ Microsoft and Jeanniey Mullen VP of Marketing @ NOOK by Barnes & Noble. Learn about upcoming IMA events in your area, a hot new job opportunity from Tableau Software and get to know IMA Board Member Jeff Marcoux whose job at Microsoft is helping marketers do their jobs better.

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eBooks, iBooks, iPad magazines and all the other forms of dynamic content are on the rise. Humanity used to consume books which were rarely updated. Then we moved to magazines which provided new content monthly. Daily newspapers rose and were felled by hourly blogs. Television used to be enough but why would we just watch TV when we can use Twitter and Facebook to enhance that experience? Today’s episode is all about new media. IMA Member Mick Darling is the co-founder and CEO of Tomorrowish – a company bring tweets and extra content about your favorite TV show when you’re watching the show whether it’s live or days later. Jeff Hennelgarn – co founder and principal of shares what your company can do to produce dynamic and engaging content in the form of ebooks.

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Brian Wong tops Forbes’ List of 30 Under 30 in Advertising. At 23, he’s the co-founder and CEO of Kiip a company providing marketers with opportunities to delight potential customers rather than assault them with ads. Brian and I spent time together at the end of a long week in which he oversaw a hackathon to integrate Kiip technology into the latest wearable. Brian is the bleeding edge of our industry and he shared his history, his advice to entrepreneurs and issued a bold challenge to digital marketers.

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It’s all about the data. That statement is a rallying cry for modern marketing and we’re lucky to have Radius cofounder and CEO Darian Shirazi join us again to offer insights into using drive to drive decisions and have an immediate impact on your resource allocation and your sales. Radius is a software company that believes that a marketers shouldn’t have to have a Master’s in computer science to get the most from the information housed in their CRM. We spoke about Darian’s background, including his time at Facebook during episode 15 and today he delivers a presentation entitled The Quantified Marketer.

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Our first show with Marketing Job Postings! The IMA is busy building our Career Opportunity Exchange a selection of which will be covered in our podcast each week. Holly Miller shares how she got so good at building her Twitter followers by attending conferences.

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At 17, Darian Shirazi was the first intern hired by Mark Zuckerberg during the earliest days of Facebook. Since leaving Facebook, Darian cofounded and is now the CEO of Radius. There are 12 million American companies on Facebook yet only 15% of companies are using information from social media to drive sales. Join us as Darian explains how businesses can use data to improve sales and his thoughts on the future of Facebook.

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The essential app for every conference you attend – MeetingMatch. I’m not overly social. Walking up to people and starting a random conversation isn’t on my top ten list. I love talking to people on LinkedIn though. I get their resume and some of the things they’ve shared in the past and immediately know how our lives intersect. I’ve often found myself at a conference wishing it was 5 years in the future. That I had Google Glass linked to LinkedIn and it was recognizing every face I look at and instantly feeding me the information I need to understand why I might want to talk to someone. The first iteration of that technology is here @MeetingMatch.

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Brian Wong is the 23 year old Canadian who co-founded and is now CEO of Kiip. Brian shares what he realized while walking the aisle of a plane four years ago that turned into him starting Kiip and landed him on the cover of entrepreneur magazine.  Brian had an amazing message and he delivered it just like a marketer should. He told a bunch of fun stories. Get ready for another ten minutes of incredible value from a leader in our industry.

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Master Storyteller Christoph Trappe (@ctrappe) is our guest.  He shares his experiences at #Impact14 and Content Marketing World during which Kevin Spacey talked about the similarities between journalists, content marketers and movie stars. Content for this podcast is also supplied by Adobe’s where Mark Jones of Filtered Media published his article “Kevin Spacey’s Top 3 Tips for Better Storytelling”.

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What an incredible conference! Impact14 brought IMA members together from across the globe. I loved meeting some amazing marketers and some incredible companies. This is the first of a series of Impact14 podcasts sharing interviews with the IMA members who attended.  This episode is focused on night one.  Just the initial few hours of the event.

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IMA Member Justin Klein shares great information for marketers who need help with things they don't enjoy doing - namely, finance.  He helps non-financial masterminds make smart financial decisions AND – here’s the important part – offload the risks that come with owning your own business or being a member of senior leadership.  If you own your own agency, are a senior leader in a company or one day want to own your own firm, listen up.  Justin can teach you where to look for help on a highly regulated and rapidly changing section of your business so you can focus on the areas in which you can have the most impact.

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Michael Lummus leads Digital Marketing strategy for Teradata. Teradata is a giant in the field of marketing optimization. The company works with 10,000 professionals across 43 countries helping organizations collect, integrate, and analyze all of their data so they can know more about their customers and do more of what’s really important. Teradata’s marketing and analytic applications—available on premise or in the cloud – leverage data to improve marketing effectiveness, determine profitability, and forecast demand.

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Latest updates from the morning of Day 1 of Impact14.  Impact is the digital marketing conference of the year.

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Internet Marketing Association members get the latest updates on Impact14 – the IMA annual digital marketing conference going on this week in fantastic Las Vegas!  We’ll give you a brief update on Apple’s latest product launch and introduce you to Justin Klein.  Justin’s an IMA member whose firm helps marketing professionals save themselves from the liability of managing the agency’s 401k.

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Three minute update about upcoming webinar with Justin Klein of KPP Financial and the pending Impact14 conference in Vegas.  The conference kicks off Wednesday evening at High Roller at the LinQ hotel.  The High Roller is the world’s largest observation wheel.  It has 28 glass enclosed cabins holding 40 people each and offers spectacular views of the Vegas strip.  Welcome remarks by non other than Brian Wong the co-founder and CEO of Kiip who graced the cover of Entrepreneur magazine this month.  Frank Holland CVP of Advertising at Microsoft, Kevin Akeroyd, GM and SVP of Oracle Marketing Cloud, Rob Friedman, Chairman of are just a few of the mainstage speakers.  And then there are the breakout sessions.  Social, Mobile/Content, Data & Analytics and Marketing Re-imagined.Learn more about both at

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Tim McMullen is a past president of the American Advertising Federation of Nashville. He speaks nationally on the two topics he knows best, company culture and integrated marketing. Tim is founder and CEO of redpepperredpepper. redpepper is an ad agency by day and invention lab by night. The company helps clients understand and capitalize on the convergence of technology and marketing and the tools companies now have to better engage with their audience. redpepper has offices in Atlanta and Nashville.

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Sebastian Jespersen is a digital media guru and evangelist. Sebastian was named Agency Innovator of 2012 by the Internationalist. Sebastian is founder of Vertic, where he, serves clients including HP, ECO, Vestas and Microsoft. Vertic is a strategic digital agency focusing on strategy, storytelling, creativity and interactive design. With offices in New York, Copenhagen, Seattle and Singapore, Vertic helps clients develop an interdisciplinary approach to brand building.

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Christoph Trappe is a master story teller. His background as a journalist gives him a robust foundation upon which to adapt storytelling techniques to modern marketing strategies. He has applied his storytelling skills to support marketing and community building efforts across industries like finance and healthcare in both non-profits and for-profit companies.

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Rob Salkowitz is a writer, speaker and consultant specializing in the future of marketing and creative industries in the digital media era.  He's co-founder of MediaPlant where he is Director of Strategy and Content. MediaPlant's clients include Microsoft, The Walk Disney Company, Ford Motors and HP. Rob has written five books and his work has appeared in The New York Times, Forbes and BusinessWeek.  Rob serves on the faculty of the University of Washington.

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Sinan Kanatsiz has effectively made his mark as an outstanding entrepreneur. In 1998, while studying for a master’s degree at Chapman University, he followed his entrepreneurial spirit and formed his first company, KCOMM, a Public Relations and Internet marketing agency. The company quickly evolved into a full-service marketing, government affairs and event marketing firm known for its Internet expertise and results-oriented approach. In less than ten years, Sinan grew the firm to several million dollars in revenue, opening business centers in Dallas, New York, Dubai, Istanbul, Montreal, London, Argentina and Delhi.

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Welcome to the official podcast series of the Internet Marketing Association.  The IMA is a million member professional organization established in 2001.  Membership is free and spans professionals in fields like sales, marketing, business ownership, programming and creative development.  The IMA mission is to provide a knowledge-sharing platform where proven Internet marketing strategies are demonstrated and shared in an effort to increase each member’s value to their organization.  Join us as discuss the rapidly changing and exciting areana of modern marketing through conversations with leaders at companies like Adobe, Microsoft, Facebook and with marketing practitioners from across the globe.

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