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In this episode, I sit down with the VP of Mapp Digital, Sean Shoffstall, to talk about:

  • Sean's role at Mapp Digital and the makeup of his team [5:20]
  • Why they perform consumer surveys [8:15]
  • Why the 18-35 group still prefers email [18:09]
  • How retailers have used their engagement platform to drive results [19:23]
  • The big mistakes companies are making [27:37]
  • Who out there is doing this well? [35:30]
  • What you can apply to your own business [40:08]

Notable Quotes:
"MAPP Digital is probably the largest digital marketing company you've never heard of." - Sean Shoffstall

"We've been doing this marketing thing for a really long time." - Sean Shoffstall

Sean Shoffstall is a well-known and successful digital marketing entrepreneur, technology innovator and marketing strategist. Over his 20-year career, he has worked with top global brands providing leadership, strategy and execution in both B2C and B2B settings.

Mapp Digital is one of the largest independent digital marketing technology companies in the world. Built by marketers for marketers, Mapp provides a comprehensive family of software and customer-centric services including a sophisticated data management platform; tools that optimise email, mobile, app, social and web marketing; and campaign management and strategy consulting.

Sean Soffstall


Mapp Digital

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Notable Sections:

  • Catherine's background and role at Oracle Marketing Cloud [1:47]
  • Why it's important to work directly with customers [4:30]
  • Here approach to helping customers [8:03]
  • How to differentiate your company with a culture of customer experience [12:23]
  • Catherine's personal experience with churn as a customer [18:18]
  • How brands can develop a greater sense of intimacy with their customers [26:45]

Notable Quotes:
"Customer success is really about understanding where your customer is in their process and what problems they are facing." - Catherine Blackmore

"Customer experience will be the defining competitive advantage in the marketplace" - Catherine Blackmore

Catherine Blackmore is the General VP of Global Customer Success at Oracle Marketing Cloud. She is a thought leader and innovator in the area of Customer Success, with over 20 years of experience helping a diverse list of clients from small business to Fortune 100 customers.

The 11 Pillars of Customer Success
The Operations of Customer Success
Your First 90 Days as a Customer Success Leader
Customer Success Evolves


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In this episode, we chat with Tuan and Gabriella from Colony American Finance to talk about their experience at IMPACT16, their roles at Colony American Finance, and whether or not they'll attend IMPACT17.

Tuan Pham, SVP with Colony American Finance

Gabriella Cevallos, Marketing Associate with Colony American Finance

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Notable Sections:

  • About Petra and Red Pantz [1:20]
  • Petra's advice to young women who want to lead [3:55]
  • Petra's favorite thing to do when she needs a laugh [4:50]
  • How Petra battles the 3:00pm slump [6:12]


Notable Quotes:

"You can't be upset when you're smiling."

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Notable Sections:
Why cross-channel Content Marketing is important for the future of content marketing [3:02]
How to "make it rain" content [4:04]
How to better reach your audience [5:30]
Why you need to dedicate "inventory" to storytelling [13:40]
Why the "place to be" is video [16:35]
Why marketing is difficult [26:45]
Beginning of Q&A [35:00]

Notable Quotes:
"Don't Stop Learning, Always Be Testing"
"You have to market through people, not platforms."

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"There are so many things to what makes a great leader but one of the most often overlooked is your character." - Briana Ramos

In This Episode:

  • What makes a great leader? [2:11]
  • Briana's biggest advice to young women [3:40]
  • Briana's background as a teacher in the nonprofit world [4:15]
  • How Briana has used networking to solve specific problems [7:20]


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"Your entire content creation and marketing strategy should be based on capturing the content in the way that is most effective for you." - Dominick Sirianni

In This Episode:

  • How education and Hollywood are similar [3:25]
  • Why video is the place to be [4:15]
  • How you may be losing more than a quarter of your webinar registrants [6:45]
  • How to approach content creation [8:11]
  • Top three takeaways [9:30]


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In This Episode:

  • Titina's background and how she got into her current field [2:22]
  • What it was like transitioning from growing up in a small community to leading a team that affected over 400,000 people [5:15]
  • Her views on mentorship [10:11]
  • The uncommon thing her mentor taught her [14:12]
  • The difference between leading and managing [15:48]
  • The story behind Oracle Women's Leadership [17:12]
  • Her role at the Oracle Marketing Cloud [23:30]
  • How she manages her role without a marketing background [24:20]
  • What it's like to be an engineer in an organization like Oracle [29:43]
  • The advice she'd give to a recent college graduate [32:12]
  • How she stays relevant in her industry [37:20]


IMPACT16 September 19th-20th

Oracle University

Oracle Women's Leadership

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In This Episode:

  • What Keith is working on at Enclave for the Las Vegas area [3:09]
  • Why Vegas is a faster growing music destination than Nashville [4:50]
  • The opportunity he saw that lead to creating Enclave [6:10]
  • How technology has affected the music industry [8:08]
  • One of the biggest issues he faces when setting up venues [12:08]
  • The preparation required to build Enclave's team prior to launch [16:27]
  • The differences and challenges working in Vegas [17:31]
  • The technology required to create brand experiences in Vegas [20:25]
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In This Episode:

  • How he created Conversion Fanatics
  • The major problem he sees company’s facing with their conversion
  • Why getting more “eyeballs” isn’t necessarily the best option
  • How to sell a focus on “conversion” up the ladder
  • Why conversion rates aren’t always the important metric


“We typically find that most companies are spread too thin.” - Justin Christianson

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In This Episode:

  • The recent IMPACT16 event in the Cayman Islands
  • How the IMA and Cayman Enterprise City started working together
  • How the IMPACT conference has evolved over time
  • Why starting a business in the Cayman Islands doesn’t work the way Hollywood shows it
  • Why digital is so important in growth



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In This Episode:

  • The common thread between all of the roles he plays.
  • Why pop ups are annoying and what you can do about it.
  • His thoughts on the upcoming Twitter changes.
  • What he’s putting together for his next book.
  • His best piece of advice for becoming an author.

“I write my books in pieces through the blog posts I create.” - Christoph Trappe

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In This Episode:

  • How to convert digital imagery into real value and dollars.
  • Why your landing pages need to be optimized for mobile when marketing on instagram.
  • Why getting on Instagram today will benefit you in the long term.
  • Why visual marketing is about two way interactions.
  • Why you need to make your images work as hard as they can for you.

Watch the Webinar:

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Watch the webinar:

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Watch the presentation:

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In This Episode:

  • How Penguin Pick-Up was created to solve the logistical problems around online ordering.
  • How Egil created Penguin Fresh and disrupted the traditional grocery experience.
  • Why it’s important to understand what’s going on in the marketplace.
  • The most important questions you need to ask before moving forward on an idea.
  • How optimizing for convenience improved Penguin Pick-Up’s stickiness.


“If you have a good idea but it doesn’t solve anyone’s problem, it’s not a good idea.” - Egil Moller Nielsen

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In This Episode:

  • Why supply chain and logistics is a great first job to get a “global” experience of the world.
  • What it was like working at LEGO during its turnaround period.
  • Why he was hesitant to accept another job in the toy industry.
  • How SmartCentres developed the idea for Penguin pickup and Penguin Fresh.
  • How paying attention to the direction the world is going can lead to great ideas.


Our job was to figure out how we could free up some cash in the short term in order to make longer term decisions.

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In This Episode:

  • How Jeff used the school of hard knocks to carve out his space at Life Fitness.
  • How LifeFitness is using technology and language partners to efficiently manage an international presence.
  • The convergence between marketing technology and marketing psychology.
  • An inside look at Life Fitness’ transformation of their marketing strategy.
  • How Jeff Sanders developed the moniker “JSand for Mayor”.



“Really what we are trying to do is create an impact across the globe.” - Jeff Sanders

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“How many of your followers should be considered leads?” - Aseem Badshah

In This Episode:

  • How to drive new leads using social media.
  • How to get higher engagement rates from your existing audience.
  • How to prioritize leads.
  • How to determine the ROI of social media.
  • How to use social media for lead scoring.


Aseem Badshah (@aseemb) is the founder and CEO at Socedo. He spends his time working on products to help brands leverage new media to build relationships with their target audience.

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“The internet has changed from a content consumption platform to a content creation platform.” - Aseem Badshah


In This Episode:

  • How Aseem launched his first business “scriptopia”.
  • What it was like managing Microsoft’s Facebook presence in the early days.
  • What his company, Uptown Treehouse, does for clients.
  • The “aha” moment that lead to Socedo.
  • Why a “broadcast” approach doesn’t work with social.
  • Why Socedo’s logo is a penguin.



Aseem Badshah (@aseemb) is the founder and CEO at Socedo. He spends his time working on products to help brands leverage new media to build relationships with their target audience.



Socedo (@socedoapp) helps B2B marketers fill their funnel with automated social media lead generation. Our web solution makes it easy to find a target audience on social networks then engage them at scale while syncing directly with marketing automation and CRM systems.


“The CMO has quickly become a general manager.”  - Kevin Bobowski


Kevin Bobowski (@bobowski) is the Chief Marketing Officer at Act-On Software. Having followed a very non-traditional journey to the CMO role, Kevin prides himself on his ability to understand and operate effectively within all areas of his team.


Act-On (@actonsoftware) provides a cloud-based integrated marketing automation platform that enables businesses to effectively acquire customers, build loyalty and expand their relationships with these customers.

In This Episode:

  • How Marketing Automation can revolutionize your business.
  • His unusual path to becoming a CMO.
  • What Act-On does as a company.
  • The advantages of being a last mover.
  • What to look for when considering a marketing automation software.  
  • The evolution of the CMO role.


A Marketing Automation Quick Start Guide: Learn to Accelerate Your Investment.


Web Trends

Exact Target



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“At the end of the day, TV is still king.” - Brienna Pinnow


Brienna Pinnow @BriennaP has over 12 years of experience in digital sales, operations, solution architecture and product management. She has worked with some of the world's largest retail, financial services, automotive, CPG, insurance brands and advertising agencies and has implemented effective cross-channel strategies that harness the power of audience data and analytics.


For over 30 years, Experian Marketing Services @ExperianMkt has been a global leader in data-driven marketing. Today, the Experian Marketing Suite provides over 10,000 brands with consumer insights, analytics and marketing technology to drive customer acquisition, increase customer loyalty and improve marketing return on investment.

In This Episode:

  • How does Experian Marketing Services differ from Experian?
  • Why is Addressable TV such a hot topic?
  • How does coordination between TV and other channels improve purchase intent?
  • The truth about cord cutters and the state of the industry.
  • How TV advertising has changed with Addressable TV
  • How exactly does Addressable TV Work?
  • How you can use Addressable TV to track your return on ad spend


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We get caught up in digital but at the end of the day, TV still has over $70b in ad spend each year. - Bri Pinnow


Bri Pinnow [@BriennaP] has over 12 years of experience in digital sales, operations, solution architecture and product management. She has worked with some of the world's largest retail, financial services, automotive, CPG, insurance brands and advertising agencies and has implemented effective cross-channel strategies that harness the power of audience data and analytics.


For over 30 years, Experian Marketing Services [@ExperianMkt] has been a global leader in data-driven marketing. Today, the Experian Marketing Suite provides over 10,000 brands with consumer insights, analytics and marketing technology to drive customer acquisition, increase customer loyalty and improve marketing return on investment.

In This Episode:

  • What is Addressable TV and why is it so important?
  • What Bri does as a part of the Experian marketing division
  • How Experian uses the marketing suite to help marketers own the identity of their prospects and turn it into actionable strategies.
  • Why it's important to meet customers where they are.
  • How Experian Marketing developed their focus on addressable marketing.



IMA Leader 018 Brian Wong: CEO of Kiip []

IMA Leader Video Podcast []

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"You have to learn to take obstacles and adapt them into opportunities." - Lindsey Germono

In this Conversation We Cover:

  • What it's like to be a military spouse and kid
  • Being a military spouse and an entrepreneur.
  • What a virtual office is and how Lindsey uses it to work from everywhere
  • How you can start your own business
  • How Lindsey became an entrepreneur
  • Why she chose to launch a marketing agency
  • Why working with a small company is the best
  • The biggest challenge faced by 90% of military spouses
  • The top 3 things military spouses can do to take advantage of their obstacles
Direct download: 073_-_Entrepreneurship_as_a_Military_Spouse_with_Lindsey_Germono.mp3
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Sign up for the webinar


Meet the Presenters:

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“Brands want to figure out a way to activate and engage their fans.” - Mike Russell


In this Conversation We Cover:

- Mike’s background and how he came to start Hoorah Mobile

- How Dominick and Mike were introduced

- What Hoorah Mobile does

- How the product evolved as a result of competition

- How Hoorah Mobile’s business model is unique in a crowded industry

- How Mike gains attention from big league institutions

- What’s next for Hoorah Mobile



In this conversation Mike and Dominick sit down to discuss the history of Hoorah Mobile and how Mike is changing the world of sports marketing. Mike shares his own story and then dives into what he’s trying to accomplish with Hoorah Mobile in an industry that doesn’t move very quickly. Finally, Mike leaves us with some golden nuggets on how he runs his company and the role that competition and obstacles play in his company’s growth.

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In this Conversation We Cover:

- How Life Fitness deals with being a Global company

- How to change the marketing message of our company to localize it in specific areas.

- Why it’s important to keep your message consistent across all social channels.

- How Life Fitnss ensues that their messaging never gets annoying

- How playing college football can relate to marketing



“Football is a technique game, sometimes it takes extra effort to get it right but once you do everything is easier. It’s the same for marketing” - Jeff Sanders


Jeff Sanders (@JSAND4MAYOR) is the Digital Marketing Manager at Life Fitness. He manages the digital web marketing strategy for the global Life Fitness brand. Since joining the Life Fitness team back in October of 2014, Jeff has defined the roadmap for the web portfolio including 20 international markets. He’s collaborated with the CRM, analytics, and international teams to establish best practices, and he’s played a major role in increasing online revenue and offline impact.

Direct download: 071_-_Live_from_IMPACT15_Jeff_Sanders_of_Life_Fitness.mp3
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In this Conversation We Cover:

- What’s happened at the IMA since the IMPACT conference last September

- The introduction of the IMA’s premium membership network.

- The future of the IMPACT conference.

- How we’ll start having sub-conferences each year.

- The certified internet marketer certification.

- Takeaways from past events.

- The future of digital marketing and human connections.

- What to expect at IMPACT 16

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“An educated consumer is a plus” - Mike Matuz

In this Conversation We Cover:

-  The disruption of the fitness landscape.

-  How fitness trainers need to think about their business.

-  The role of fitness professionals to their clients.

-  Why an educated consumer is a good thing.

-  How FSF utilizes gamification to keep clients engaged.

-  The direction that fitness is going with the revolution of functional movement.


Mike (@playmakergrp) started working as a personal trainer in several different sports clubs while attending college at Chapman University. There, as a collegiate athlete he used his sports background to create a variety of innovative training systems for his clients. After graduating, Mike received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing from Chapman University along with several National accreditations in health, fitness, nutrition, and wellness.

Direct download: 069_-_Mike_Matuz_on_Fitness_Marketing_and_Digital_Disruption.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:04pm PST


Laura Petersen (@lsp_s) is the co-founder of Student-Tutor as well as a partner here at the IMA. An entrepreneur, lifelong learner, and master teacher, Laura loves finding ways to do better with less and leverage tools and tricks for better efficiency, productivity, and fun. She helps the IMA with podcast write-ups, social media, and articles inspired by the guests.


In this Conversation We Cover:

-  Her experiences at IMPACT15 and her main takeaways.

-  The main difference between IMPACT14 and IMPACT15.

-  Laura’s role in producing the IMA Leader podcast.

-  Why you need to delegate tasks in your business.

-  Laura’s advice for new Internet Marketers.



“You can’t do it all yourself, delegate more, empower people more, give them wings and they’ll really impress you.” - Laura Petersen.

Direct download: 068_-_Live_from_IMPACT15_Founder_of_Student_Tutor_Laura_Petersen_1.mp3
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“A lot of people out there are talking about storytelling but they aren’t talking about authentic storytelling.” - Christoph Trappe

In this Conversation We Cover:

-  How authentic stories can be used to create long-term successes.

-  The #1 mistake companies are making on social media.

-  The technology and services he used to get his book out into the world.

-  How he repurposed his blog posts to get his book written.


Christoph Trappe (@ctrappe) is an author, global keynote speaker and a top content marketing influencer. He travels around the globe to help organizations and people share their authentic stories.



In this Conversation We Cover:

-  How we can get the younger generation excited and inspired by digital marketing and their own success.

-  The role mentors play in the early development of young teens.

-  Her personal experiences with inspiring others to pursue marketing.


“People are first inspired by someone they consider to be a mentor somewhere between 10 and 13 years old” – Jeanniey Mullen


Jeanniey Mullen (@jeannieymullen) has worked with the world’s leading entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs inside client side businesses & agencies for the past 20+ years. She’s focused on defining & growing results by creating powerful digitally-enhanced marketing programs, partnerships & distribution that strengthen brands and drive innovation.


Direct download: 066_-_Live_from_IMPACT15_Former_VP_Marketing_at_Nook_Jeanniey_Mullen.mp3
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In this Conversation We Cover:

-  How Ytel is preparing for the transition to mobile marketing and the potential increase in inbound calls that comes with that.

-  What factors to consider as the weight on your infrastructure gets heavier.

-  Why you need to meet your client requirements and scale with them.

About Our Guest:

Drew Matthews is the Director of Infrastructure at Ytel. He is in charge of the security for Ytel’s Networking, Systems, and Programming avenues.

About the Company:

Ytel (@AskYtel) is a software communications firm with a passion to help businesses better communicate with leads, prospects, and customers.

Episode Notes:

In this conversation Drew and Dominick discuss the role Ytel plays in the communications industry and how they started by identifying a small opening in the industry. Drew goes on to share some of the factors he has to consider in his role as the Director of Infrastructure and the key principles he applies at Ytel to help ensure the company can meet their client’s needs. Finally, Drew shares why it is important to maximize your value to a client in order to grow with them.

In this Conversation We Cover:

  • How Social Media Examiner is helping individuals and business owners connect with their customers on social media.
  • Ideas on structuring your content strategy in order to educate your industry and drive interest back to your business.
  • The impact wearables could potentially have on the social media marketing landscape.


About Our Guest:

Emily Crume (@emilyquestions) is the Director of Strategy at Social Media Examiner. She is on the advisory board for Hootsuite and has been called a “Swiss Army Knife” of ideas, digital social media, and sales.


About the Company:

Social Media Examiner (@smexaminer) is the world’s largest social media marketing resource on the web. Since it’s founding, Social Media Examiner has helped millions of businesses discover how to best use social media to connect with customers, drive traffic, generate awareness, and increase sales.


Episode Notes:

In this conversation Emily and Dominick sit down to discuss the role she plays at Social Media Examiner and how she is helping the company educate the industry on best practices across all social platforms. Emily then goes on to share her thoughts on structuring your content strategy for success. Finally, Dominick asks Emily what her thoughts on wearable technology and the social media landscape are, her response outlines the potential path that social media could take and serves as an example of how we can all start to plan for the future.

Direct download: 064__Live_rom_IMPACT15_Director_of_Strategy_Social_Media_Examiner.mp3
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Don Donovan is the founder and CEO of a predictive modeling firm and advertising agency in San Francisco known as Baker St. He founded Baker St. in 2002 and has since served more than half of the Fortune 500 to bring over $5 billion of new products and services to the market.



Baker St. Solutions exists to help companies and brands build successful new product initiatives, perfect their brand positioning, and provide significant quantitative confidence to invest in their businesses.


Baker St. Advertising is an integrated advertising, brand management, and marketing investigation agency.



“The idea is to make the complex simple by using the existing attitudes and behaviors of your audience.” – Don Donovan

In this Conversation We Cover:

-      How Baker St. created a successful campaign for the San Francisco Giants by speaking directly to the end consumer.

-      How to use window-pane segmentation to simplify the process of creating targeted campaigns.

-      The number one thing that stood out to Don during the Impact 15 conference.



In this conversation Don and Dominick sit down to discuss Don’s integrated advertising and predictive modeling agency, Baker St. Solutions. Don knocks it out of the park immediately by giving us the inside scoop on how they created a successful campaign for the San Francisco Giants. He discusses a process known as “window-pane segmentation” and how it can be used to simplify the seemingly complex. Finally, he shares the results of speaking directly with the end consumer and reverse engineering a campaign based on their authentic attitudes, behaviors, and ideals. You won't want to miss this one as there is plenty to learn from the CEO of Baker St, Don Donovan.

Direct download: 063_Live_from_IMPACT15_Founder_and_CEO_of_Baker_St_Don_Donovan.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:35pm PST

Doug Gaylor the President of Crexendo Cloud Communications comes to us from the Oracle Marketing Cloud Booth at Impact15 where he participated in a panel discussion on the future of telecommunications. Hear how the rise of mobile marketing makes your telecommunications infrastructure more important than ever.

Direct download: 062_Live_from_IMPACT15_Crexendo_President_Doug_Gaylor.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:08pm PST

As an IMA Board Member and the former Global Sr. Director of Marketing for the Oracle Applications Cloud, David Krauss is a marketer’s marketer. His stewardship of Oracle’s suite of over 600 cloud applications puts his thumb on the pulse of the synergies between data and marketing.


David explains what companies and marketers need to do to stay relevant amid quickly shifting technology. David offers insight into the internet-of-things and how companies can leverage the continued growth of data for competitive advantage.

Direct download: 061_Live_from_IMPACT15_IMA_Board_Member_David_Krauss.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:13pm PST

John Piccone, Chief Strategy Officer of Simulmedia, explains how television is an underutilized medium. Is television at the tip of the iceberg of a massive disruption because of big data, digital media and internet marketing? John thinks so and he tells us why.

Direct download: 060_Live_from_IMPACT15_Simulmedia_CSO_John_Piccone.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:54pm PST

If Boomtrain was a car company, they’d build spaceships. This machine learning company is on the cutting edge of predictive analytics and big data. I had the pleasure of interviewing co-founder and CEO Nick Edwards at the Oracle Marketing Cloud booth at IMPACT15.

Direct download: 059_Live_from_IMPACT15_Boomtrain_CEO_Nick_Edwards.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:37pm PST

Our very special guest today is Heather Dubrow a star of the Real Housewives of Orange County, Botched and her own podcast called, Heather Dubrow’s World. Heather talks about what it takes to be successful as a celebrity, entrepreneur, wife and mother.

Direct download: 058_Heather_Dubrows_World.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:33pm PST

John Stix is the President and co-founder of Fibernetics, one of the largest telecommunications companies in Canada. John overcame two devastating setbacks in his career. In this week’s episode, John shares those failures and how they spurred him to recognize the importance of company culture.

The IMA was proud to name Christoph Trappe as Internet Marketer of the Year at our IMPACT15 conference in September. Christoph is the Chairman of the IMA Midwest group, the power behind and Director of Content Marketing at MedTouch.

Christoph tells us how he has grown his followers into the tens of thousands and some fun stories about how social media integrates into corporate America.

Direct download: 055_Live_from_IMPACT15_IMA_Midwest_Chairman_Christoph_Trappe.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:27pm PST

The first of our series of more than a dozen interviews done from the Oracle booth at IMPACT15 in Las Vegas starts with IMA founder Sinan Kanatsiz who gets hijacked by evite CEO Victor Cho. Great conversation about the conference, modern marketing and the impact having all of us on one network will have on the human race.

The Internet Marketing Association has recently completed a special report on the State of Visual Commerce on behalf of Curalate. This special report details valuable insights marketers and business leaders can use to maximize the return on investment seen from visual commerce.

Curalate CMO Matthew Langie shares some of the key points from the report and explains how businesses can maximize their investment in images by tying pictures directly to sales channels.

New to the IMA or the IMA Leader show? Start your journey here.

Direct download: 051_Start_Here.mp3
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Steven Clough combined his degrees in business and psychology to form AVO. Not just a run of the mill marketing agency, AVO focuses on behavioral economics to help companies redefine their business and marketing strategies. In this intellectual conversation, Steven explains neuromarketing and how you can use it to help improve your marketing plans.

If you are heading to the IMPACT15 conference in Las Vegas this week, be sure to listen to this episode of IMA Leader ASAP.

Direct download: 049_Your_Guide_to_IMPACT15.mp3
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Ninety-nine percent of us are reliant on the other one percent. This isn’t a financial diatribe. Only one percent of the population can generate the code needed to materialize substance on a blank web page. The rest of us either have to ask very nicely, or pay the one percent, for their services or use a digital publishing tool. I had the pleasure of talking to Craig Fitzpatrick, the founder and CEO of PageCloud. It is the sexiest and easiest digital publishing platform I’ve seen.

Not too long ago, we thought the age of inbound calls was dead. No one wanted your telephone number. They wanted your website so they could buy online instead of talk to a person. Today, inbound sales call trends are doubling. With people browsing via mobile it’s never been easier to press a button and be connected to a live person. Irv Shapiro, CEO of DialogTech shares more insights into how you can help convert someone from website browser to caller to buyer.

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Jeff Marcoux is back on the show helping us understand an oft used term in our industry today – the Marketing Cloud. What is it? How will it help by business? What should I look for if I decide to buy a cloud service? Jeff covers those topics and offers some personal assistance to IMA members.

Articles in Forbes, Entrepreneur, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today and countless webpages have touted 2015 as the year of the podcast. Many say the resurgence of a platform that has been around for more than a decade will only intensify as Apple, Google and car manufactures continue to integrate the internet into new vehicles. Former Marine Timothy Lawson has produced more than a half dozen podcasts over the last three years. Today, he shares is insights into driving attention to businesses and social issues like veteran suicide.

As the founding CEO of Eloqua – which is now part of the Oracle Marketing CloudMark Organ has been developing tools related to #modern #marketing for decades. Mark shares his experiences with Eloqua and his most recent company, Influitive. Mark’s opinions on the future of our industry can’t be missed.

Lauren Burgoyne has had a career as an on camera broadcast journalist. She’s also the founder of the Greater Purpose Project – a nonprofit focused on telling the stories of great people in our communities. Today she shares her insights as an IMA member focused on using celebrity to help amplify stories important to her and her organization.

IMA Founder and Chairman Sinan Kanatsiz joins us to talk about the history of the IMA and the upcoming Impact15 conference in Las Vegas.

Direct download: 042_IMA_Founder_and_Chairman_Sinan_Kanatsiz_on_the_IMA_and_Impact15.mp3
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Oli Gardner was delivering pizzas and completely broke when he and a group of friends founded Unbounce. The company uses marketing tools to sell marketing tools to markers and Oli is at the center of that operation. Learn more about Oli’s personal path to success and how Unbounce can help you increase conversion rates.

Oracle Marketing Cloud Sr. Director of Corporate Marketing Nick Bell presents For Love or Money – a study of the two distinct sets of goals placed on Chief Marketing Officers. Mr. Bell uses his personal experiences to describe the dilemma and offer strategies for CMOs to be in two places at once.

We continue our conversation with the leaders of the Oracle Marketing Cloud with Nick Bell the Sr. Director of Corporate Marketing. We’re going to examine Nick’s role in this show and, in our next, Nick will be delivering his “For Love or Money” presentation about how CMOs deal with having two masters.

Pat Boulard is co-founder and managing partner of Axellium where his experience with IT, Operations and Data Analysis helps companies increase productivity and performance. Pat is also Chief Operating Officer and Head of the Research Lab at the Internet Marketing Association. He has his thumb on the pulse of trends and signals within marketing and modern business.

Mr. David May, Director of Web and Interactive Marketing at Chapman University, shares three key items to take into consideration when updating your website. Mr. May also offers some unique insights into team structure that can result in more effective communication with your audience.

We spend a lot of time on IMA Leader talking about modern marketing but after more than half a century, Television has dominated the advertising landscape – especially for brands seeking national exposure. The unique thing about TV is that is both transcends and capitalizes on internet marketing techniques. Few people are better positioned to talk about entertainment marketing than Claudio Ludovisi. As Senior Vice President of Operational Strategy for Marketing and Digital at NBC Entertainment, Claudio has an extensive career leading initiatives across all aspects of entertainment marketing.

034 Diane Senffner CEO of Cine Learning on Education Marketing

Marketers often fail to learn from educators. Educators fail to learn from marketers. In many ways, these two disparate trades are inexorably mixed. Learn about one of the points of intersection with our guest, Cine Learning CEO, Diane Senffner.

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This week, our attention turns to the tools business leaders and marketers need to be successful. My guest is Laura Petersen an IMA member, small business owner and someone who plays a critical role here at IMA Leader.

Victor, CEO of evite, returns to our discussion of connected business models. In this episode, Victor dives deep to share how viewing businesses in outdated terms like B2B and B2C can be misleading. He uses his experience at evite to show a new framework for business evaluation that can uncover new opportunities.

Direct download: 032_Victor_Cho_CEO_of_evite_on_Connected_Business_Models_Part_2.mp3
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Victor started a consulting firm while a student that built software for his school. Now he’s coming up on his one year anniversary as CEO of evite. Hear how he looks at businesses today much differently than the traditional B2B and B2C framework.

Direct download: 031_Victor_Cho_CEO_of_evite_on_Connected_Business_Models_Part_1.mp3
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Rand Fishkin has journeyed from founder to CEO and now is a happy individual contributor of one of the fastest growing internet marketing related companies in the last five years. He shares his thoughts on learning from failures and knowing when to hand over the reigns.

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Alexander Gray, Chairman of IMA Canada, shares his entrepreneurial journey from owning a martial arts studio to founding and running Skylight Global, a multinational real estate investment and internet marketing firm.

Oracle and The CMO Club recently published an incredible guide for Marketers. We have the co-author and one of the major contributors with us today offering advice on the important relationship between the CTO and CMO.

Direct download: 028_The_CMO_Solution_Guide_with_Julie_Lyle_and_Steve_Olenski.mp3
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Jeff Marcoux is the CMO-Lead at Microsoft. He’s also Chairman of the Northwest IMA. He shares his insights into achieving the ultimate customer experience. We also share with you the latest job openings for career minded professionals in our Career Opportunity Exchange.

Christoph Trappe was one of Content Marketing World’s most influential marketers last year. Today he shares expert advice on using Twitter to grow and engage your audience. Dylan Jorgensen share’s what he’s doing to help realize Tony Hsieh’s vision of revitalizing downtown Las Vegas.

Direct download: 026_Christophe_Trappes_Top_Twitter_Strategies.mp3
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David Rich, the Sr. Vice President of Client Services at George P. Johnson Experience Marketing revisits us to share insights into the societal evolution and its impact on marketers. Learn what to watch for, what to believe and what to keep your eye one.

Frank Luntz is a listener. For years he has listened to people offer feedback about some of the biggest political topics of our day. He has been instrumental in framing conversations using terms like death tax and climate change that he is credited with coining. Luntz is a communicator’s communicator and his experience and insights can offer modern marketers lessons in how to successfully engage with an audience and position a product.

Direct download: 024_Social_Media_has_its_Place_with_Frank_Luntz.mp3
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George P Johnson Experience Marketing recently celebrated 100 years in business. The company’s founder and namesake started one of the first modern event marketing companies by helping Henry Ford drive traffic to the first auto shows. In this episode, GPJ Sr. VP of Client Services David Rich shares and incredible story of how he went from crooked gambling to modern marketer. We also share a Director of Online Marketing Strategy job recently posted by an IMA partner organization.

Andrea Ward is the Vice President of Marketing at Oracle Marketing Cloud. Andrea's insights help marketing professionals know what to emulate and what to avoid in this rapidly changing industry. In addition to discussing her distinguished career, Andrea talks about the skills that make a sucessful marketer today compared to a successful marketer a decade ago.

Direct download: 022_Not_for_the_Faint_of_Heart_with_Andrea_Ward.mp3
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Keep hearing about the need to make your organization “customer centered”? Is all the talk about being a “modern marketer” a little confusing and frustrating? Learn what each of those terms mean and get suggestions from IMA Board Member and Microsoft CMO Lead Jeff Marcoux.

Direct download: 021_Modern_Marketing_and_Customer_Centric_Defined_with_Jeff_Marcoux.mp3
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New jobs, new format and hot guests including Jeff Marcoux CMO Lead @ Microsoft and Jeanniey Mullen VP of Marketing @ NOOK by Barnes & Noble. Learn about upcoming IMA events in your area, a hot new job opportunity from Tableau Software and get to know IMA Board Member Jeff Marcoux whose job at Microsoft is helping marketers do their jobs better.

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eBooks, iBooks, iPad magazines and all the other forms of dynamic content are on the rise. Humanity used to consume books which were rarely updated. Then we moved to magazines which provided new content monthly. Daily newspapers rose and were felled by hourly blogs. Television used to be enough but why would we just watch TV when we can use Twitter and Facebook to enhance that experience? Today’s episode is all about new media. IMA Member Mick Darling is the co-founder and CEO of Tomorrowish – a company bring tweets and extra content about your favorite TV show when you’re watching the show whether it’s live or days later. Jeff Hennelgarn – co founder and principal of shares what your company can do to produce dynamic and engaging content in the form of ebooks.

Direct download: 019_Impact14_Recap_Part_4.mp3
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Brian Wong tops Forbes’ List of 30 Under 30 in Advertising. At 23, he’s the co-founder and CEO of Kiip a company providing marketers with opportunities to delight potential customers rather than assault them with ads. Brian and I spent time together at the end of a long week in which he oversaw a hackathon to integrate Kiip technology into the latest wearable. Brian is the bleeding edge of our industry and he shared his history, his advice to entrepreneurs and issued a bold challenge to digital marketers.

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It’s all about the data. That statement is a rallying cry for modern marketing and we’re lucky to have Radius cofounder and CEO Darian Shirazi join us again to offer insights into using drive to drive decisions and have an immediate impact on your resource allocation and your sales. Radius is a software company that believes that a marketers shouldn’t have to have a Master’s in computer science to get the most from the information housed in their CRM. We spoke about Darian’s background, including his time at Facebook during episode 15 and today he delivers a presentation entitled The Quantified Marketer.

Direct download: 017_The_Quantified_Marketer_with_Darian_Shirazi_CEO_of_Radius.mp3
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Our first show with Marketing Job Postings! The IMA is busy building our Career Opportunity Exchange a selection of which will be covered in our podcast each week. Holly Miller shares how she got so good at building her Twitter followers by attending conferences.

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At 17, Darian Shirazi was the first intern hired by Mark Zuckerberg during the earliest days of Facebook. Since leaving Facebook, Darian cofounded and is now the CEO of Radius. There are 12 million American companies on Facebook yet only 15% of companies are using information from social media to drive sales. Join us as Darian explains how businesses can use data to improve sales and his thoughts on the future of Facebook.

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The essential app for every conference you attend – MeetingMatch. I’m not overly social. Walking up to people and starting a random conversation isn’t on my top ten list. I love talking to people on LinkedIn though. I get their resume and some of the things they’ve shared in the past and immediately know how our lives intersect. I’ve often found myself at a conference wishing it was 5 years in the future. That I had Google Glass linked to LinkedIn and it was recognizing every face I look at and instantly feeding me the information I need to understand why I might want to talk to someone. The first iteration of that technology is here @MeetingMatch.

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Brian Wong is the 23 year old Canadian who co-founded and is now CEO of Kiip. Brian shares what he realized while walking the aisle of a plane four years ago that turned into him starting Kiip and landed him on the cover of entrepreneur magazine.  Brian had an amazing message and he delivered it just like a marketer should. He told a bunch of fun stories. Get ready for another ten minutes of incredible value from a leader in our industry.

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Master Storyteller Christoph Trappe (@ctrappe) is our guest.  He shares his experiences at #Impact14 and Content Marketing World during which Kevin Spacey talked about the similarities between journalists, content marketers and movie stars. Content for this podcast is also supplied by Adobe’s where Mark Jones of Filtered Media published his article “Kevin Spacey’s Top 3 Tips for Better Storytelling”.

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What an incredible conference! Impact14 brought IMA members together from across the globe. I loved meeting some amazing marketers and some incredible companies. This is the first of a series of Impact14 podcasts sharing interviews with the IMA members who attended.  This episode is focused on night one.  Just the initial few hours of the event.

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IMA Member Justin Klein shares great information for marketers who need help with things they don't enjoy doing - namely, finance.  He helps non-financial masterminds make smart financial decisions AND – here’s the important part – offload the risks that come with owning your own business or being a member of senior leadership.  If you own your own agency, are a senior leader in a company or one day want to own your own firm, listen up.  Justin can teach you where to look for help on a highly regulated and rapidly changing section of your business so you can focus on the areas in which you can have the most impact.

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Michael Lummus leads Digital Marketing strategy for Teradata. Teradata is a giant in the field of marketing optimization. The company works with 10,000 professionals across 43 countries helping organizations collect, integrate, and analyze all of their data so they can know more about their customers and do more of what’s really important. Teradata’s marketing and analytic applications—available on premise or in the cloud – leverage data to improve marketing effectiveness, determine profitability, and forecast demand.

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Latest updates from the morning of Day 1 of Impact14.  Impact is the digital marketing conference of the year.

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Internet Marketing Association members get the latest updates on Impact14 – the IMA annual digital marketing conference going on this week in fantastic Las Vegas!  We’ll give you a brief update on Apple’s latest product launch and introduce you to Justin Klein.  Justin’s an IMA member whose firm helps marketing professionals save themselves from the liability of managing the agency’s 401k.

Direct download: 092214.mp3
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Three minute update about upcoming webinar with Justin Klein of KPP Financial and the pending Impact14 conference in Vegas.  The conference kicks off Wednesday evening at High Roller at the LinQ hotel.  The High Roller is the world’s largest observation wheel.  It has 28 glass enclosed cabins holding 40 people each and offers spectacular views of the Vegas strip.  Welcome remarks by non other than Brian Wong the co-founder and CEO of Kiip who graced the cover of Entrepreneur magazine this month.  Frank Holland CVP of Advertising at Microsoft, Kevin Akeroyd, GM and SVP of Oracle Marketing Cloud, Rob Friedman, Chairman of are just a few of the mainstage speakers.  And then there are the breakout sessions.  Social, Mobile/Content, Data & Analytics and Marketing Re-imagined.Learn more about both at

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Tim McMullen is a past president of the American Advertising Federation of Nashville. He speaks nationally on the two topics he knows best, company culture and integrated marketing. Tim is founder and CEO of redpepperredpepper. redpepper is an ad agency by day and invention lab by night. The company helps clients understand and capitalize on the convergence of technology and marketing and the tools companies now have to better engage with their audience. redpepper has offices in Atlanta and Nashville.

Direct download: 004_TimMcMullenFInalMP3.mp3
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Sebastian Jespersen is a digital media guru and evangelist. Sebastian was named Agency Innovator of 2012 by the Internationalist. Sebastian is founder of Vertic, where he, serves clients including HP, ECO, Vestas and Microsoft. Vertic is a strategic digital agency focusing on strategy, storytelling, creativity and interactive design. With offices in New York, Copenhagen, Seattle and Singapore, Vertic helps clients develop an interdisciplinary approach to brand building.

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Christoph Trappe is a master story teller. His background as a journalist gives him a robust foundation upon which to adapt storytelling techniques to modern marketing strategies. He has applied his storytelling skills to support marketing and community building efforts across industries like finance and healthcare in both non-profits and for-profit companies.

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Rob Salkowitz is a writer, speaker and consultant specializing in the future of marketing and creative industries in the digital media era.  He's co-founder of MediaPlant where he is Director of Strategy and Content. MediaPlant's clients include Microsoft, The Walk Disney Company, Ford Motors and HP. Rob has written five books and his work has appeared in The New York Times, Forbes and BusinessWeek.  Rob serves on the faculty of the University of Washington.

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Sinan Kanatsiz has effectively made his mark as an outstanding entrepreneur. In 1998, while studying for a master’s degree at Chapman University, he followed his entrepreneurial spirit and formed his first company, KCOMM, a Public Relations and Internet marketing agency. The company quickly evolved into a full-service marketing, government affairs and event marketing firm known for its Internet expertise and results-oriented approach. In less than ten years, Sinan grew the firm to several million dollars in revenue, opening business centers in Dallas, New York, Dubai, Istanbul, Montreal, London, Argentina and Delhi.

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Welcome to the official podcast series of the Internet Marketing Association.  The IMA is a million member professional organization established in 2001.  Membership is free and spans professionals in fields like sales, marketing, business ownership, programming and creative development.  The IMA mission is to provide a knowledge-sharing platform where proven Internet marketing strategies are demonstrated and shared in an effort to increase each member’s value to their organization.  Join us as discuss the rapidly changing and exciting areana of modern marketing through conversations with leaders at companies like Adobe, Microsoft, Facebook and with marketing practitioners from across the globe.

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